A few customer comments

It’s a sensational spectacular soul soiree…. In the words of one critic: “great vocals and superb showmanship.  Simply a great show.”  


Another simply said: “The band as always rocked and wooed the audience with great sets, a classic performance. Music is the great healer so play on boys…”


Another quoted: “Seems time makes no difference to a band of your calibre, as the dance floor was packed with people of all ages having a ball.”


The music never stops when Madassa are on stage!



Wales Online review

SOUTH Wales’ legendary soul band managed to turn up the heat at Cardiff’s newest concert venue on a night that was already unseasonably warm.

Setting aside that fact it was actually October, Madassa’s Saturday night gig at Acapela in Pentyrch was hot, hot, hot in more ways than one.

Thanks to a lack of air conditioning and the energy of the Pentyrch party crowd, the temperature on the dancefloor inside the converted chapel just kept on rising.

Acapela, run by record producer Hywel Wigley and his harpist wife Catrin Finch, is small and looks very much like a chapel still, complete with pews on the dancefloor and many more upstairs.

The gig was a sell-out with a capacity crowd of around 160. It was warm outside and even hotter inside.

The warm-up (no pun intended!) act – Joel Ball, a singer in the Michael Buble mould who went down a storm – was drenched in sweat well before the end of his act.

He blamed it on a dose of man flu but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

When Madassa struck up, the crowd kept up their enthusiasm on the dance floor.

It was party night in Pentyrch and although the dancers didn’t seem to care about the heat, the coolness of the bar and the outside area offered some welcome relief.

Madassa did what they do best and belted out some great soul classics.

From the start of Pick Up The Pieces through to Build Me Up Buttercup these accomplished musicians with soulful, sexy singing from Mr Cool himself, Laverne Brown, knew how to please.



Customer review

‘A night of deja vu, whisked back to the spice-filled atmosphere of the Casa Blanca. The first swig of an ice cold bottle of Newkie at the New Moon, an illicit puff before the highlight of the night...Madassa Soul Band, older yet no wiser, the cheeky licks, the adolescent antics, the obvious thrill in their eyes.

Laverne still asking the universal question, “What do you want me to sing?"….and sing he did, all those old favourites with the same passion and gleeful enthusiasm.  A well positioned pillar acted as his prop, turning into a sensual woman for the ballads and a lean post during the solo breaks. Manic sax, fingers flying, notes trumpet keeping it all mellow and and secure, the beat of the drums, the slice of the cymbals...bass riffs compliment the whole, like a musical glue, strings hit bang on time...the keyboard delinquent, outrageous, anti-establishment, every note played two-fingered, yet savvy - soul at its very best!!!

The fans eclectic, tri-dimensional (children, parents, and grandparents all in tune). The constant, the music that is Madassa, the same as ever. Rolling back the years to callow youth whilst creating the memories for a new generation to relate in the years to come…”Diolch yn fawr”, to coin a phrase…’ Alun Roberts